What Do You Do All Winter?

Overnight summer camp director Written By: Eli Rolli, Summer Camp Director. “So what do you do all winter?” This is a question I commonly get asked when I tell people that I am a Summer Camp Director. It is definitely a fair question to ask and I am always more than happy to answer it. Things slow down a bit at YMCA Camp Benson in the winter time, but winter is a critical period for us to ensure that we have a successful summer camp program.

Here is a list of some of the things we do all winter:

  • Lock in the summer camp calendar for the upcoming summer. 
  • Clean, organize and repair all program equipment. 
  • Recruit and hire amazing summer camp staff. 
  • Attend Camp Conferences to learn and grow as summer camp professionals. 
  • Order inventory for the Camp Store. 
  • Develop the summer camp brochure.
  • Coordinate and oversee facility and program area improvement projects (i.e. the building of a new cabin, installing a new high ropes course element). 
  • Plan for our summer camp theme. 
  • Review all of our activity lesson plans and make improvements when necessary. 
  • Apply for grants that help us get more kids to camp or to add new program areas. 
  • Continue to build a strong and engaging social media presence. 
  • Purchase new program equipment. 
  • Update our website and write new blog posts (like this one). 
  • Maintain camp buildings and grounds. 
  • Communicate with our camper families from the previous summer. 
  • Prepare for retreat groups that will be coming to camp in the Spring. 
  • Visit our partner YMCAs and spread the word about YMCA Camp Benson’s summer camp program.

Winter is an important time for us to prepare and plan for the upcoming summer. It is the time that we recruit summer camp staff and new campers. This time of the year is also when we evaluate our overnight summer program in its entirety and make changes to strengthen our program. 

YMCA Camp Benson’s mission simply put is to BUILD STRONGer campers and help them become the best version of themselves. In order for us to do this year after year we have to strive to build a stronger camp program year after year. During the winter months is when we lay the groundwork for this. Winter is most certainly an exciting time at YMCA Camp Benson even though there may be snow on the ground and a chill in the air. 

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